More About Craft Shows and Ways To Be A Part Ot It

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Today’s economic crisis has affected many lives and families. The income potential was somehow reduced resulting to belt tightening particularly to those who are affected. Some have taken extra jobs even on a part time basis, just to augment their income and sustain the family’s subsistence. In line with this, one of the earning resources for generating money is the craft show.

In craft shows, you can earn extra income by selling products that are affordable and not so expensive. Also, craft shows are continuously looking for artists or craftpersons, musicians, band performers, booking agents, commercial exhibitors, food vendors or service providers. If you qualify in any of these occupations, this is a good source of other income. Exhibitors can often reach as high as 150 participants and you can fit with whatever items you intend to sell. These craft shows have extensive advertisements that focus on community awareness, resulting to a great number of festival visitors. Festival visitors frequent craft shows since this is a form of entertainment to them without leaving their own community. Aside from this, it’s a good venue for family outings where they can find reasonably priced items to take home as souvenirs.  

Once you decide to join some craft shows as a vendor-exhibitor, there are lots of things you can sell like umbrellas, antiques, pastries, cookies, fruits, caps and other uniquely created items. Potential products might even include hobby items you have completed or created during your spare time like knitted sweaters, bonsais, paintings and paper flowers.

When contemplating the idea of joining craft shows, bear in mind your target market and the selling price you will assign to your merchandise. Do some pencil pushing by computing the material and labor costs as well as the rate of your stall rent and other incidental expenses. Some exhibit organizers charge on a daily basis aside from the registration fees plus a certain percentage of your every day sales. Be sure to include these as part of your costs.

Normally, handmade products sell well in certain areas but this does not mean that this will be true in other localities. Others prefer goods based on price criteria like those that sell at less than $10 per item. Make some research about the spending habits of the community so you can include other goods aside from your originally intended products. Usually, the big spenders in any craft shows are the age groups ranging from 25 to 35 years old and they buy almost any kind of product for as long as it catches their fancy.

You can check out your local bookstore for lists of craft shows across the U.S., along with their corresponding descriptions. Similarly, you can visit your local associations and ask about their scheduled craft shows and see if you can still join. If joining is already impossible, you can make some reservations for the next craft shows they will be holding. Make some research about the saleable products and about products that are less attractive to visitors as well. Better yet, think of products that are not common or unique, with high potentials to attract prospective buyers.

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