You Can Make a Cowboy Costume for Your Little Boy

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If your little boy will agree to it you can simply make him a cowboy costume so you can have one costume ready and easy to make. The toddlers are the easiest to convince since they’re not too aware what all the costume wearing is all about. Besides, little guys will look so adorable with their hair slicked back like an adult and a little mustache drawn just below their noses.

Now ten gallon hats will look too heavy for their heads and will just keep falling off or worse, cover their eyes. A typical black or brown felt hat tied loosely under their chins will do. It wouldn’t be advisable to make them wear leather boots just to complete the cowboy costume, even if it comes in their sizes. The young one will have a lot of walking to do while trick or treating and anyone walking long distances in leather material will end up with blisters.       

A good pair of black or brown rubber shoes will have the same effect and will provide more comfort. A likelier cowboy costume accessory will be a toy holster complete with a toy gun. You can add a piece of star as his Sheriff’s badge to give him more authority while in his cowboy costume. Now that you have gathered the accessories, you can start rummaging for the cowboy garments to complete the outfit.

Remember to save a pair of denim pants for his Halloween cowboy costume. You might realize too late that it’s already trick or treating time and the little boy’s denim pants are all in the dirty laundry. If your young boy doesn’t have those embroidered cowboy shirts like the ones that Roy Rogers wear, plaid long sleeved shirts will do. You can probably sew him a vest made from an old short sleeved polo as part of his cowboy costume. Don’t go wracking your head looking for fabrics that match because grunge style is typical of country or Western dressing.  

A bandana tied around the neck with the triangular part just below the chin. Cowboys have them ready to cover their mouth and noses from too much dust. If you can find a leatherette belt with a big buckle this will give his cowboy costume a good accent, since he will have to tuck his shirt in. Let the vest remain open so the big belt buckle can be seen.     

Make some chaps for his cowboy costume by using an old piece of pants and cutting off the crotch part and shortening it a little. Chaps are used by cowboys as protective coverings for their pants when working at the ranch. Real chaps are made of leather to make it easier for them to clean and maintain.

Put all the pieces of clothing on your little boy plus the cowboy accessories and you will have a little Westerner terrorizing the hearts of adults in his well-planned cowboy costume.

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