Ways to Make a Manly Looking Cowboy Christmas Stocking

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Even Christmas stockings are much fun to hang if they come in different motifs and designs. Each family member has his or her own Christmas stocking lined up hanging for the holiday season. Some mom’s are challenged by the idea of a cowboy Christmas stocking. It’s something that they want to really look manly and masculine, without it ending up like another typical Christmas décor.

For this purpose, let’s find out what are the characteristics of a cowboy design so we can come up with a cowboy Christmas stocking that really looks Western and not just country style.

Fabric Materials for Cowboy Christmas Stocking
A typical cowboy garment is a pair of jeans; the more frayed and faded the better. A cowboy often gets dirty so you could cut the legs of an old pair of jeans to use for your cowboy motif. Aside from the pant materials, other better suggestions are the fake leathers and suede which you can relate to the cowboy boots and hats.     

Accents and Accessories for a Cowboy Christmas Stocking
A large pewter belt buckle with Western designs engraved on it, a red bandana, miniature cowboy boots, miniature guns, as well as horses, saddles, horseshoes, spurs and a ten-gallon hat. These are good adornments on an otherwise dirty looking denim or plain leatherette or brown suede cowboy Christmas stocking.   

How to Make the cowboy Christmas Stocking
Cut out the cowboy Christmas stocking design by using a pattern. You may want to make a distinction by size as to which one is for dad, which one is for a young man or little boy. Make dad’s cowboy Christmas stocking out of the fake suede or leather material. If you know how to attach a zipper, make provisions for the zipper attachment on one piece of your stocking cut out.

At the pulling end of the zipper use some of your miniature items like spurs, hat or horse and the likes as add-ons, In fact you can string them altogether like spurs before attaching them to the zippers pulling end. You may also consider using the big belt buckle as your adornment. Before attaching the two cutout pieces together, make sure you have already attached the zipper or buckle.

The fake leathers or suede may not come out well if sewn from the wrong side because of their stiff makeup and texture. If your sewing machine has an edger, use edging stitches to sew the pieces together on the right side. To add more adornment, use a contrasting color for the thread to sew the edges. In case you will sew the cowboy Christmas stocking by hand, it would be best if you used a thread of the same color as the material.

For the young man’s cowboy Christmas stocking you can use the legs of an old frayed denim pants. Scatter your little miniature icons like studs on the stocking. If you don’t have those, embroidered patches in Western themes will do. Arrange them first either as lined up or scattered before sewing them on. You can glue them on before sewing so they will stay in place at exactly where you want them to be.

An added touch is to use the bandana at the leg opening of the cowboy Christmas stocking. Sew them on folded into a triangle with the triangle tip aligned on one side of the stocking. The two ends of the triangle will meet at the other side of the stocking to be tied into a knot like a typical bandana.

Make sure you made provisions for hanging the cowboy Christmas stocking because Daddy can now easily recognize that the manly looking Christmas stocking is his.

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