Couple’s Costumes Ideas For A Spoilsport Partner

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It’s hard enough to choose from whatever couples costumes are available or think of a couple’s costumes to come up with. The problem even gets harder if your partner is one who’s not going to wear any costume at all. You can achieve a little victory if you can present him some couples costumes he will be willing to wear for as long as it’s not obvious that he’s wearing one. This means that the main accent and emphasis on the theme of your couple’s costumes will center mostly on the female’s get-up.

Here are some ideas you might like to suggest to your partner:

Cowboy and Saloon Wench Couple’s Costumes–
Your guy will simply wear jeans, a plaid or paisley printed shirt, boots and a bandana. Tell him you’re not going to insist on the cowboy hat and gun in a holster as long as he will agree to the bandana. For your part, a sexy lacy chemise or a corset dress, garter stockings, black net stockings and high-heels.

You can also choose the couple’s costumes where the female dress is made up of a corset vest over a white puff-sleeved blouse, a white underskirt and velvet over skirt with one side gathered up a bit to show the lace details of the white underskirt. Put on some vivid make-up to complete the wench look and put a fake mole somewhere as a beauty spot.        

Zorro and his Lady Love Couple’s Costumes
Now this couple’s costumes will require your guy to wear something in all black, preferably black silk shirt, black pants, black shoes and a black cape. You could convince him to wear the cape by telling him that he could use it to take cover in case he spots someone who’ll make fun of him for giving in to your whims. If he’s giving you a hard time make him choose between the cape or Zorro’s mask.

You can also match this with a Saloon Wench’s costume or a ruffled senorita dress appropriate for attending a church mass and a hair comb accessory to gather up your hair into a tight bun. The final touch is by covering your whole head with a see-through lace veil.   

Safari Couple’s Costumes
This is an easy one, khaki bush jacket and shorts for him and timberland shoes. Safari hard hat if he pleases while you can wear your own version of safari outfit in khaki shorts, white blouse, timberland shoes, safari hard hat and sunglasses if you must.  

The designs for couple’s costumes can be endless but they tend to be limited if your partner is the regular spoilsport.

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