Tips For Country Christmas Decorating to Make Christmas Homecomings Memorable

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You can’t go wrong if you’re going with country Christmas decorating because the very beauty of its concept is that you don’t have to be precise and perfect. The more odd or uneven the more you get the feel of homemade charm and goodness and it’s exactly what you want to achieve. Instead of making your home look bright and sparkly like a typical showroom, country Christmas decorating will create the feeling of hominess. If you have children or family members coming home for the Christmas season, they will always look forward to coming home.      

Here are some country-Christmas decorating tips and ideas:

Start Your Country Christmas Decorating with the Christmas Tree.
1. Use felt cut outs by tracing some shapes and patterns lifted from magazines or children’s coloring books. Another easy source is to download some free templates available in the net. To give dimension to this country-Christmas decorating idea, cut out two pieces of each shape in two different colors. One should be slightly larger than the other and use a filler to give it a padded look before stitching the edges of the felt materials together. Use a thread with contrasting color to add emphasis then a ribbon of the same color as your thread which you can use for hanging.

2. Make some mini-presents by wrapping up matchboxes with leftover Christmas wrappers. Use colorful strings to tie it up and make a bow which you can also use for hanging.    

3. Use colorful ribbons to tie small sticks of cinnamon into little bundles and hang it on your tree to give it that great aromatic smell.  

4. If you have any colorful beads stashed somewhere for future use now’s the time to make them useful. Unstring them and combine all of them into a single garland to be hung around the Christmas tree. Arrange the beads in a way that colors and shapes will alternate to give them a whole new country-Christmas decorating look.     

5. Don’t forget the tree skirt down below, a red and black checkered cloth or design using these colors will complement the look of your country Christmas decorating ideas.

Simple Country Christmas Decorating Ideas Around the House

1. Make your throw pillow covers an assortment of red and green, including red and green afghan throws and quilts the family can snuggle into.  

2. Collect candles in different heights and colors then plant them in terra cotta pots  Place them in safe spots around the room where you can light them up to create that distinctive old country glow of a fireplace. Just make sure you’ll light them in a room where it will never be left unattended.

3. Add some checkered red or green ribbon bows to drawer openings to create more of the country-Christmas decorating look.

4. Another country-Christmas decorating suggestion is to dress up dining chairs with red or green gingham back covers. Provide a small pouch or stem holder which you can use to hold fresh poinsettias or foliage for Christmas Day

5. Arrange an assortment of colorful Christmas cards received from everywhere and hang them on the wall inside picture frames. Bring down the old pictures for awhile and use your Christmas collages for the season. The bigger the frames the better and the more Christmas cards to show case will make your country-Christmas decorating more Christmassy

6. If you’re currently using drapes or curtains that simply hang down straight, try ruffled or rustled curtains for a change. You don’t have to go all red or green this time just a dash of the red and green color will do, just to put your country-Christmas decorating ideas in place.  

Transform your home with a whole new look by using these creative country Christmas decorating suggestions. Try to escape the hustle and bustle of city life by retreating to your own peaceful country atmosphere this holiday season.

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