How to remove paint stains from carpet

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Redecorating a room with carpeting on the floor needs a lot of preparatory work in covering the carpet with drop cloths of some kind. No matter how careful you are there is bound to be some paint find its way onto the carpeting and leave a stain – perhaps right where it will be most noticeable. You don’t have to panic, though, and think that you now have the expense of buying new carpet because there are ways of getting paint out of carpet.

There are different paint removal techniques to use depending on whether you are painting with a water-based or an oil-based paint. This article will provide basic instructions on how to remove both kinds of paint from carpet.

Water-based paint removal techniques

Once latex paint is spilled or splattered onto carpeting, it must be cleaned up immediately. Otherwise, the paint will adhere itself to the carpet and become a permanent stain. First, use a dull tool to scrape up as much of the paint as you possibly can. Then use a damp sponge to remove the rest of the paint, using gentle strokes starting in the center of the stain and moving towards the edges.

Apply a dry spotter to the stained area of the carpet with an absorbent cloth and let it sit over the stain. Keep checking to see how much of the stain still remains and leave the cloth in place as long as you can still see any signs of the paint color on the carpet. As the cloth starts to pick up some of the stain replace it with a new cloth. During this process, keep both the cloth and the stain moist by using the spotter liquid.

Once you are satisfied that you have the paint out of the carpet, wash it with warm water and apply some wet spotter. Unless the carpeting is made from silk or wool fibers, you can also add a few drops of ammonia to the water.

Oil-based paint removal techniques

Check the paint container to determine which type of paint thinner works with this paint. If there is none mentioned, then you can use turpentine because this always works well.

Try to keep the paint stain contained to the area so that it doesn’t spread to the surrounding carpet and become much larger. Apply the paint thinner to the area and soak up the paint. Rinse the stained area with warm water and dish detergent and then appraise the situation to determine if you need to repeat the process. You may have to repeat the steps several times in order to get all the paint out of the carpet.  Then rub the area with a bar of soap and then rinse it again.


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