Ten Easy Steps for Getting More Visitors to Your Website.

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Every person running an online business wishes to have more people to visit his or her website to increase revenue. Here are ten steps you, as a webmaster, can folllow to make your website popular.

The first step. Include a widget or a link to a page that allows a visitor to tell his or her friends easily about the website. Such tell-a-friend tool can be easily found on the Internet.

The second step. Include a tool or widget on the website that allows a visitor to bookmark the website easily and to inform others about it on popular websites like Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. Again such a tool can be found easily on the Internet.  All you have to do is to search for it via a search engine.

The third step. Have a signature for each forum you are a member of and include the web address of the website in the signature. The signature appears automatically at end of a posting when you post a topic or a reply.

The fourth step. Make an interesting video and upload it to YouTube. Include a link to the website in the descripton of the video and the web address of the website in the video. If your website is about computers, you may want to include a video on how to use a specific software to perform wonders on a computer or how to solve a particular problem.

The fifth step. Have fresh contents every day if possible to ensure people continue to come back to the website. One way to have brand new contents is to install widgets that automatically feeds something new like a newsfeed. Such widgets can be easily found on the Internet with the help of search engines. For example, if the website is about science, the webmaster can include newsfeed that automatically provide daily news on science and technology

The sixth step.Write useful and interesting articles for the Internet, the more useful the article is, the larger the audience it will get. Include a link to the website in your profile or at the end of the article depending on the terms of use of the website hosting the article. When the number of people reading your article increases, the chances of the number of people visiting your website will also increase.

The seventh step. Include a signature with a link to your website in your every of your email so that whenever someone sees the link, he or she can visit your website. When he or she is viewing the website, he or she can use the widget or tool you have installed earlier to tell his or her friends about it. Assuming the website has useful contents, the friends will in turn use the same tool to inform their friends about the website and the process of telling goes on.

The eighth step. If possible, conduct a competition on your website as people like to win something. This is why some companies have competitions to attract more customers. Make sure you have the relevant permit from the authority to conduct a competition if necessary.

The ninth step. Print business cards with the address of your website and distribute the cards to the people by putting a card into each mailbox. Make sure that you do not insert any of your cards into a box marked “No Junk Mail”.

The tenth step. List your website on many directories as possible and make sure you also include it in the most popular directories like Dmoz and Yahoo Directory.

If you follow the above steps carefully, you will see an increase to the number of people coming  to your website as the days go by.


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