How To Have a Great Conversation

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Listen well. This means not being distracted.

Don’t interrupt.

Practice good posture whether sitting or standing. Do not play with your fingers or hands. Do not squirm in your chair if seated. Do not turn away from whos speaking. Pay attention to your body language.

Don’t have a fake or hypocritical interest in the one your speaking with.

Have a good sense of humor. Laugh at yourself. Do not put others down.

Refrain from starting all conversations with “I”.

Have a good self image but remember to have appropriate modesty.

Have a positive manner. Do not hold peoples attention

by attacking or spreading rumors.

Have an appropriate sense of good grammar.

Have a rich vocabulary. Learn 2 new words a week.

Have sensitivity when it comes to mistakes other may make.

Avoid repetitive words such as “You know?”

Avoid using foul language and sacrilegious exclamations.

Have direct eye contact with the person you are speaking with.

Accept compliments with grace.

Give compliments in a natural and non-artificial manner.

Never ask a woman her age,

Keep it to a minimum when mentioning your children. Do not mention your children unless the person you are speaking with inquires. Even then don’t spend anymore than a few minutes on the subject.

Be very careful if asking a woman if she is pregnant. Many have made this mistake only to learn the woman was not pregnant.

Don’t ask information that is too personal when speaking with someone you don’t know well.

If speaking in a small group or gatheg of people and someone begins discussing an uncomfortable subject, gently change the subject manner.


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