This is your life!

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I look to the east of me and see the living room, and to the west the kitchen, I have a small place but if I were to compare it to some, I would say that I have much!!!

I think that we tend to spend too much time calomoring over what others have. The best way to enjoy life is to pretend you are the only one living on this earth. In doing this you may find that your love for certain things would fade. You would begin to truly appreciate all that God had given you and smiling would become a common place on your face.

Really though if you were to imagine just you and maybe your immidaite family. Sit back and close your eyes and think of the things that would monopulize your time? Would it be the same things that do now? I am sure you said no…And if you said yes I highly doubt it, besides complicating this illusion and being over analytical, just breath and think about what you would do.  Possibly you would start that project you have always dreamed of persuing, but never did becasue time was too short…”Hey!!! This is your life remember? You Time!” What are you going to do with it…

Moral of the story is, life is what you make it… This person and that person can only influence you if you choose to let them…God puts ambitions in our hearts because he knows what will please us, and he only wants us to be happy, and to live abundantly… I dare you to live abundantly and to visualize what you could be doing, if only you would!


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