Throw it all away

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There are spots of passion within my soul, gravitating to a place of holness….

There are tranparent lines within my making, only for the loving embraces….

Quietly I depart from mine, a state of translucent time, I can’t imagine yours and mine being farther, were so much larger, than the deepening fasting, abyss of all it’s reality, to be a part, to be set free in between the lines, fragments of time…

Sweeping, making, pertending, breaking, hearts are a lined, can’t we just find…Peace

Sweeping , making, pretending, breaking, hearts will devide, can’t we just find.. Peace

In this time…

Hold on, don’t look too close, your eyes have filled….

Hold on, the ghost of hate has ravashed…

Purple clusters of the atmosphere, stain the refreshamnts of my early years,

have I not gained a single thing?!!

Throw it all away, simply toss it to the way side, throw it all way,

it is nothing to hold on to, throw it all away

if I come to your resue, will only you save, If I find myself in limbo,

Only God will retrieve

Only God will retrieve

Only God will retreive!!!

He says, leave it be, Come with me!!!!

Come with me!!!

God will reach you when you are ready, for him he is always ready and always there, it is us who depend on those around us to give us what we need. When really the only one who can give us anything worth holding onto is Jesus. He saves us from our own destruction, and we must put our trust in God and not in those araound us.


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