Eating Breakfast

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What do you think about eating breakfast?? Do you tend to still value eating this meal time?? Or do you prefer to sleep than eating??

I should say, I don’t usually eat breakfast most of the time because of the mere fact that I wake up at around noon already so I should say, it’s already lunch time if I will eat during that time.

I have heard a lot of importance about breakfast and it is definitely a great meal of the day. You haven’t eaten from hours of sleeping, so it would be good if you put something in your stomach.

I do value breakfast…and I would love to it my breakfast if I am on a day shift, because during that time, my mom is still here in our house and she will definitely prepare food for me before I will go to my work place. She always make sure that I have eaten my breakfast. But if I am on an evening shift or in night shift that I would be awake at noon, it’s definitely really hard. I know this not a valid reason, I should have at least wake up to eat something…but which is more important?? Having a nice sleep or eating a balance meal??

Right now, I’m trying to catch up my sleep and that would mean that I have to give up my breakfast.

But, I know, it would be most wonderful if you have a good sleep, like normal and usual hours and you have eaten breakfast as well.


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