College struggles

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College is not that as easy as you think as it is.

My sister is in her first year in college and when she was in her high school years, she wanted to speed up the time just to go to college. But, right now, she is crying because she just realize that is really tough.

I just finished my degree in college and I should say, it wasn’t an easy one. Druing this period, you will learn how to be independent. Research papers are actually a lot and no one can help you except yourself.

But, if you say college, you are actually looking for the path and job that you want. So, you have to think of something…some called a career path that you want…whether it would be medical or nursing field, business, psychology and a lot more to choose from.

If you have that goal already in your life, like the way I do, it would be very easy for you to choose which one. But in case of my sister, it takes her whole high school life before she decided to take up Hospitality Management and I think the main reason why she chose that is that she loves to cook and she is really good in that field.

I think if you are good in something and want to explore it, you better choose that career path that is rightfully yours. It would be great if you like your course because you will definitely have that inspiration in order to strive hard and overcome those struggles.


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