Book review: Dave Pelzer

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This book of Dave Pelzer about ” the lost boy, a foster child’s search for the love of a family”, was a great one. The more books the better when it comes to Dave’s situation. Dave should write more to expose this kind of problem in our society and raise strong awareness to our society that these kinds of things are not alright. The book is also a good thing to help those that are in this kind of situation. I know a lot of people who have these same situations and is very unfortunate. I use to be a lost soul like and I think I’m still struggling. Reading things like this helps you identifies with other people that are also struggling and help you move beyond your problem.

I cried a lot after reading his story. I think this is one of the worst case in history that I’ve known about beside Oprah Winfrey who was raped by her uncle. Ellen Degeneris who was raped by her stepfather to the point where she have to break her windows to get away from him. These two people are very successful people in our time but you can see that they are also deeply traumatized by their past. Why do think Ellen Degeneris turn to lesbianism and don’t like men? After all a man made broke into her room and she has to jump out of her window and run like mad to get help. What kinds of shame and torture these individuals have come through because of their alcoholic parents or their sex addicts relatives. We have a lot of these addicts in our society today. More so than ever. We have to keep an eye out for our children because it’s like a Halloween movie in 2008.

The book is about the suffering of Dave and historical accounts of the family and how he have grown and have a son nowadays. I think that Dave should give his mother a visit and show her that he’s a success despite her failure. People like his mother and father don’t deserve to raise children. I’m glad that Dave wrote these books so that he can help himself through the process. There’s a lot of healing to express your deepest thought to the world. You will feel better to know that the world really care about you and wish you well and that not everyone in this world is like your alcoholic, sick mother.

I think that Hollywood should make this book into a movie just to help Dave out a little bit since I think he could really use our help and condolence. Hollywood picks up books all the time. I think this is a perfect book to make a movie out of. I think people will watch it and they will support the film. It’ll also be a way to let evil, crazy, addicts parent know that they are being watch.


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