Single parent adoption

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A single parent adoption process is a little more tricky and harder to do since a single parent might not have enough resource to help the child out but also the single parent might want some company. Not all single parent are financially scarce. There are a lot of wealthy single people out there in the world. Among those are doctors, lawyers, business owner, celebrity and plenty of other individual out there that can adopt and can take care of the kid for good. Oprah Winfrey is single but she has billion of dollars and she can take care of her kids anytime.

Single parent want to adopt because they feel lonely and want companion. It’s alright everyone in this world deserves to adopt a child if they’re qualify by the agency no matter what their status is. A lot of single people feel like their life will be more rewarding if they have a child in their life. Children will put a happy smile on your face. Children are a gift from God and that they make your life so much better. I love children myself and I don’t feel like I will be financially secure to adopt. I’m struggling on my own so much let alone take care of another person. I don’t want to make the child suffer either. However, I don’t think that the adoption agency will approve the single parent application unless they prove themselves to be secure and ready. The application process is very tough and hard to qualify. I have had many people tell me how hard it is to adopt a baby. If you can’t do it through the baby agency then you can consider putting ads in the newspaper asking for adoption.

Unless your financially stable, you shouldn’t try to adopt as a single parent because it can be a lot of work and it’ll stress you out. If you’re at work all day long, who’s going to take care of your child. You have to pay some more to hire a baby sitter. This is a very costly process. I don’t think that there’s lots of single parent who will tried to adopt. I use to have a friend who have a kid but she’s a single mother. She abuse the heck out of the kid. She is abusive to the kid in every way and I think that she will get in big trouble if someone report her. She use to be a drug addict. I don’t like the drug addict in any scene because it looks like it’s the drug addict that ruin everything. If you have a lot of money and time then you can adopt but if you don’t then don’t try because it’ll be very hard for you.


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