How to Find Magazines for Free

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How to Find Magazines for Free


There’s a little-known secret of any bookstore or magazine news stand. What do you think they do with the magazines that don’t get sold as the new one is coming in (the new one is probably dated at least 1 or 2 months in advance)? Some companies just chuck them out as-is, and some have different policies. All you have to do is ask!


Things You’ll Need:

  • resourcefulness, and a friendly attitude

Step 1


I would try this with smaller local chains first, but even big companies such as Barnes and Noble bookstores, or Borders will sometimes help you out. It kinda depends on who’s the manager, and what their policy is. But it doesn’t hurt to ask now does it?

Step 2 recycle_Thumb.jpg

I used to work at my University bookstore, and they would tear off the covers of all the magazines (I think they send the covers back to the publishers to be reimbursed for the mags that didn’t sell, and then throw them out into boxes, to be picked up for garbage or recycling. Since I’m an artist who works with colláge and decoupáge, magazine images are very helpful for my art. Plus I love reading ’em!



Save yourself a bundle of money and ask the person who works with the magazines what they do with the “old” magazines. Find out what day they get the new ones in, and then be there to pick up the old ones (usually the cover will be pulled off, but who cares about that? When I worked at the bookstore, I told them exactly what I’ve said here in this article, and it really worked. I was able to get all sorts of fantastic images for my collagés and find many great reads as well. I even made a list for one of the workers, and he set anything on that list out for me, I’d come by once or twice a week and walk out with a boxfull of magazines. After I was done, I passed them onto Laundromats, Dr. Offices, and friends so that they were really getting recycled!! Save the earth and get free magazines!!! Sounds great to me!!


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