Fiction: Short Story – Woman on The Run From Schizoid Crazy Ex

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Rachel’s ex-husband, Mickeye, seemed normal in the beginning of their relationship and after marriage. Of course, there were a few warning signs, albeit altercations, but a woman in love justifies them. After their first child and a few stressful life upsets, he became psychotically schizoid. After the divorce, he disappeared for awhile. About a year later, they had heard from the ex-in-laws that Mickeye was on his way back to them, convinced he could win back his wife and family. Mickeye’s parents were quite familiar with his outrageous and erratic behavior. It wasn’t long before Rachel and her mom, Cheryl, became anxious about his return and everyone’s safety. With two kids from their marriage, Rachel had skipped town, trying to keep them safe from her estranged ex. Rachel and Cheryl both fearful of what he might be capable of.

Cheryl, tries to help keep them safe, setting up safe havens for them to retreat to. From women’s shelters, to plain old shelters, finally it becomes too much for Rachel to bear. She doesn’t want to put her children in these situations, where something bad might happen if she sleeps to hard or works in the soup kitchen and cannot watch out for her children.

Cheryl sets up an apartment, child care and job for Rachel on the other side of the country. They get settled and don’t hear anything for awhile. Cheryl is longing to see her family and lets Rachel know she will be coming to visit. Rachel has a PO Box so it would be harder to find her physical location.

Mickeye has been staking out Cheryl’s movement since he hasn’t been able to locate his wife and children. He follows her to the airport, discovers her flight information by following her to the terminal and purchases a ticket on the same flight. He has been preparing for this moment and has on a suit, top hat and fake mustache to disguise himself.

As the plane lands, his excitement, visions and voices in his head of the perfect family reborn build. After following discreetly behind Cheryl to Rachel’s apartment, he plans his arrival on her doorstep. The voices stop him, telling him he won’t be well received. This causes great internal conflict within Mickeye. He struggles to force out the voice, not accepting its truth. But as his voice of reason conquers him, he plans an alternative.

He will wait until night fall to make his grand entrance. No one will deny him entry because he will already be inside. His anticipation builds as the lights go out in the apartment. He waits a bit, his plan laid; he ascends the fire escape to the slightly open window on the second floor. Upon entry, his adrenaline rising, he spots his two children on the bunk beds.

The voice in his head shouts to him, “Your wife took your family away! You must take care of her first and then you will have your children. She won’t let you near them as long as she’s alive.”

Mickeye creeps through the door, down the hall to what must be his wife’s room. Slowly, he opens the door and sees the rise and fall of her chest under the sheets.

Bringing no weapon, he grabs the pillow next to Rachel, gets into position over her and places the pillow over her head. Straddling her, Mickeye presses the pillow over Rachel’s head as she awakens and struggles to breathe.

Suddenly, there is a shout from behind the door to put his hands behind his head. He drops the pillow before the voices have a chance to compel him to finish the job. Defeated, he places his hand behind his head and moves away from his wife. Officer Bender flips on the lights. Mickeye looks toward the bed and is taken back when he sees it is not his wife. The Officer cuffs Mickeye, reads him his Miranda rights, and takes him in for attempted murder.

Call your local Women’s Center or Victim/Witness Office for a number to call and women’s shelter info. These types of offices help women break free of dangerous relationships/perpetrators.


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