The Lesser Known Trekking Spots in Himalayas

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This trek lies entirely within the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park; you will therefore have to pay entrance fee and charge for the cameras.Har-ki-Dun is at a height of 3566 meters. The trek begins at Taluka which is 11 kms from the beautiful village of Osla.This Himalayan settlement still has houses made in the traditional architectural style with excellent wood carvings. In the early stages of the trek you pass terraced fields rising out of the valley of the River Tons. These then give way to scrub-covered slopes, meadows and conifer forests. The trek from Taluka to Har-ki-Dun is 23 kms.

Dayara Bugyal

At 3,084 meters this alpine meadow become a ski slope of 28 sq.kms.In the winter. In the summer, you can get to it by driving 32 kms from Uttarkashi on the Uttarkashi-Gangotri highway to a place called Bhatwari.Here you have option of either taking the trekking route to the left which leads you for 10kms to Raithal and then a further trek of 6 kms to the Bugyal or you can drive a short distance beyond Bhatwari and then take the trekking route to the left for 12kms to Barsu and then 8 kms more to the Bugyal.The trek from Bhatwari via Raithal to the Bugyal is 16kms and from Bhatwari via Barsu to Dayara is 20kms.

Khatling Glacier

The 3,717 meter high Khatling Glacier is a lateral one and is the source of the River Bhilangana.This 45 km trek from the road head of Ghuttu winds along the valley of the Bhilganga.Along this trek you will be able to see both snow capped peaks and hanging glaciers, the Jogin Group, the Kirti Stambh and Meru are particularly impressive. The first leg is a 10 km trek to the 2,132 meter high mountain. A further 10 kms will take you through attractive rhododendron forests up to the large village of Gangi at 2,589 meters. It has interesting old houses with carved wooden pillars. From Gangi its 5 kms to the 2,683 high Kalyani 20 kms ahead via the 3,110 meter high Bhalbagi is the Khatling Glacier.Trekkers will probably have to cross a number of small streams through log bridges, 6kms to the right of the glacier is the lake of Masartal on the left bank of the Bhilganga River. The trek from Ghuttu to the Khatling Glacier is 45 kms.


The word Tal in the Himalayas means a lake and Dodital is a Himalayan lake at a height of 3,024 meters. From Uttarkashi it is a 4 km drive on the Uttarkashi-Gangotri Highway and then you must take the left fork at Gangotri which will take you to Kaldyani 7kms away. Your trek begins here. From Kaldyani it is 5 km trek through fields, villages and forests on a mule trail which ascends very gradually to Agoda.From now on it is steep climb for 15 kms through fairly dense forests to the beautiful, clear lake of Dodital.Around the lake are forests of oak,pine,deodar and rhododendron; the latter lazing red in season. This trekking route is open round the year though it can be really cold in winter when there is a strong likelihood of snow. The trek from Kaldyani to Dodital is 20 kms.

Nandan Van

The Nandan Van trek should really be called the Gangotri-Gaumukh-Nandadevi-Tapovan Trek.It is particularly interesting because it offers a wide variety of Himalayan trekking experiences: rock climbing, boulder hopping and glacier traversing. It is considered to be a trek which even non mountaineers can under take comfortably. You can place yourself in the hands of one of the many competent trekking outfits or you can book this trek with the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam which is the state run organization. You have to drive 252 kms to Gangotri the famous pilgrim centre. Your trek starts from here. On Day 3 you cover 14 kms and arrive at the birch forest of Bhojwasa.The next day you face a 10kms trek to the high green meadows of Tapovan via Gaumukh where the River Ganga gushes out of an ice cave. From here on you traverse the Gangotri and Chaturangi glaciers.On the 5th day you trek 8 kms to Nandan Van affording excellent views of the snow covered Shivling,Bhagirathi,Sudharshan and Thelu peaks and the Kedar dome.The trek from Gangotri to Nandan Van is 24 kms.


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