How to make money on the Internet without selling anything

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Since the Internet became available to the general public, people have been trying to make money out of it. When I started my first online business, I had trouble making it to generate income. I now realised that I could have just create some useful contains without having to spend too much time creating software and paper models for downloading. Here’s how you can create your new website and make it generate income for you.

1. Find out what are the most popular current activities on the Internet. You can a list of such activities here.

2. Select the most popular activity that you think you can create and manage a website or a blog for. If you are not confident in designing your own website, get an expert to help you.

3. View the top websites or blogs designed especially for the popular activity you have chosen to get some ideas. You can find such website via popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

4. Write down what you think you can do to be a bit better than those websites so that you have a better chance of capturing visitors to your own website. This can mean adding something useful not available on those websites, creating a more attractive layout, and making a more user-friendly website or blog. If you plan to have a blog, it’s a good to add interesting articles relating to the popular activity you have chosen.

5. On your website or blog, include appropriate links to your articles on Bukisa plus any other websites that pays you for your articles so that you may increase the chances of earning from your articles more. More sure the links are clearly visible so that any visitor to your website can spot them easily.

6. If you are a blogger, you may also want to have a look at a site that pays members.

7. You can also allow other businesses to advertise on your website by being a member of advertising agents like AdSense. Once you are member, you can add a code provided by the agent on your website to produce the advertisements on your website. If you want  to earn from AdSense, make you sure you do not click on any advertisement generated by it on your website so that you AdSense account will not be suspended or cancelled. Also, if possible, exclude any other businesses who are your direct rivals from advertising on your website to prevent them from snatching your visitors or customers away.

8. Another way of earning money on your website is by allowing other businesses to add links to your website via programs like Linkbee.

10. Once your website or blog is ready, tell as many as people as you can by submitting it to Google and other search engines; and by using social websites like Facebook, Tweeter, StumbleUpon, and DiggIt.

Sometimes, the web hosting company you are  using to host your website or blog, the advertising agent you are using to enable others to pay you for advertising on your website, and the programs you use to promote your websites or blogs have affiliate programs that you may join to earn additional income.


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