Farmville Cheats *Free* Cash for Farmville

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Farmville is the most popular online game in the world, with over 60 million players and growing. It’s easy to see why millions of new players are getting started every month. Farmville is an addicting farm simulation where you have to grow crops, harvest them and also take care of animals and trees. There are tons of different crops to choose from, each one takes a different length of time to grow and gives a different amount of Farmville cash and experience points when you harvest them.

How to do you know what crops are the best to grow? Obviously you want the most cash and experience points, but sometimes you can’t sit and play Farmville all day. Should you plant the fast growing crops with give little cash and experience points, or should you go for the crops that take several days to grow but you give you a ton of cash and experience?

These are vital questions if you want to make the most of your farm. Decisions like what crops you should grow or if you should bother with harvesting trees and animals are important and can make or break your farm. Do you want just an average farm or do you want your neigbors to be amazed every time they visit it?

Some trees and animals can be worth it, especially since they don’t have expiration time. This means your cows or banana trees can sit there, ready for harvesting, until you’re ready to harvest them. You don’t have to worry about them going bad or dieing. This can be tempting if you’re always coming back to rotten crops, but take note because Farmville animals and trees don’t give as much of a reward compared to crops in the long run.

I have the answers to these questions and so much more at my website. Find out which crops are the best to grow and which animals and trees give the more rewards for harvesting. Go to to learn secrets to put your farm over the top!


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