Friday, December 15

5 ways to increase subscribers to your blog

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A lot of people now have blogs, but the main problem for blogger is that, they do not know how to convert visitors into loyal readers and how to encourage them to subscribe to your blog feed. When a reader subscribes to your blog they are very likely to visit your blog again when you release new content. Below I will share five ways to increase the number of subscribers to your blog.

RSS button – Place a RSS button or link on your blog. Make sure you place the button in an obvious place such as the menu bar, or the sidebar headers. If you make the position of the RSS button clear then people will know where to subscribe.

Ask for subscriber – Asking the reader to subscribe is an easy way to gain more subscribers. At the end of a blog post you can write something like: ‘Subscribe to read the next part of the post’, or ‘Subscribe to keep updated with the latest content.’

Quality content – Write quality content on your blog and people will naturally subscribe. If people like your content they will most likely return to your blog for more content.

Offer email subscription – Some people do not use RSS readers, so why not offer email subscriptions? When a reader subscribes to your blog, fresh content will get delivered straight to their inbox.

RSS directories – Submit your RSS link to many RSS directories. This will increase your blog exposure and gain you some subscribers. RSS directories basically contain categories of different blogs types. Reader can search through the directories to find a blog they like.


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