PROTIP: Farmville Cheats for Coins

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Farmville is the most popular online game in the world with over 60 million players since June 2009. The game puts you in control of a virtual farm in which you plow, plant and harvest different crops. You can also decorate your farm with houses and trees.

First things first, before you even touch your farm you to figure out what to grow. All crops take a different amount of time to grow and give different rewards. Some crops take between 2 hours to 4 days. You have to harvest the plant within the time it takes to grow times 2. So if the grow takes 2 hours to grow, you have 2 more hours to harvest it after it’s fully grown before it goes rotten. Once plants rot and die you don’t get any rewards for harvesting them. Harvesting a ripe crop gives you Farmville coins and usually experience points as well. Experience points are based on how long the plant takes to grow. For example if the grow takes 2 hours to grow, you probably won’t get any experience points but on the other hand, a crop that takes 4 days to grow will give you tons of experience points.

You can also get Farmville animals for your farm. You can buy them from the store or receive them free as gifts from your neighbors. When you visit your neighbor’s farm you’ll usually find some stray animals. You get a reward for catching them. Sometimes you even find stray animals on your farm too. You can publish these strays on your news feed for your friends to adopt.

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