Farmville Cheats: How to Trap Your Farmer

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Farmville is the most popular farm simulation game on the internet. It has over 60 million players and it’s not even 1 year old! Your farm grows even if you don’t play, so it’s always tempted to log back in and check on it. This game is very addicting.

Here’s a very helpful cheat to speed up the time it takes for you to plow, seed and harvest. You don’t even have to move your farmer, he’ll do it remotely. All you need is a cleared section of your farm, 9 plots in a square will do great. Place your farmer right in the exact middle of of the square.

Now you’ll want to go to the store and buy something small like fences or hay bales. You’ll want to place them around your character, blocking him/her in the middle. Don’t forget you can rotate the items to make them fit by holding the mouse button down after placing them. Don’t worry, even if you don’t get it perfect the first time because you can always move them after buying them.

You will want to make sure your farmer is trapped before you start working your farm. Try clicking outside the trap you’ve made and see if he/she is able to get out. If your farmer doesn’t go anywhere, you’re good to go. Now you can plow, plant seeds and harvest without moving! As you will see, everything gets done a lot faster  now because you don’t have to wait for your farmer to move to each plot, one by one.

There are millions of other farmers planting their crops, scheduling their harvests, and getting the absolute most out of every second they spend playing FarmVille. How are your crops doing? Don’t waste another second wondering if your crops are going to make the cut. Go to to learn more!


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