Farmville Cheats: Free Money

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Farmville is a farm simulation game that is playable on many different platforms, such as Facebook. The game puts you in control of a farm that you have to plant, grow and harvest your crops. There’s also trees and livestock which you can harvest as well. Most players decorate their farm to show off to their friends. Farmville is one of the most popular games in the world right now, it has more players than users on Twitter.

Farmville trees can can be purchased from the in-game store, or received as gifts. Some trees will grow fruits which can be harvested for a nice reward. Compared to normal crops, you don’t have to worry about plowing or rotting trees. I still recommend harvesting trees as soon as their ready so the next crop can start growing as soon as possible. Trees can be moved after you plant them, just in case you want to redecorate.

Farmville animals can also be bought from the store or received as gifts. They will also show up randomly on your farm or your neighbors farm. You get a nice reward if you take in a stray animal or post it on your news feed for your neighbors to adopt. Some animals can be harvested, and like trees you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

Farmville buildings are mostly just for decoration, but there are a few with a practical purpose such as the Dairy Farm or Chicken Coop. These special buildings can hold up to 20 animals at a time and make harvesting them much more efficient. Farmville decorations serve no purpose other than making your farm look nice. You can rotate most items by holding down the mouse button after placing them.

Once you’ve reached a high enough level in Farmville, vehicles become available in the store. They are expensive and use gas, but they allow you to plow, seed and harvest up to 4 plots of land at once. This means you can maintain your farm 400% faster than you could if you did it by hand. The only downside is running out gas, which means you either have to wait for it to refill or buy more.

There are millions of people loading up on their crops, scheduling their harvests, and getting the absolute most out of every second they spend playing FarmVille. How are your crops doing? Don’t waste another second wondering if your crops are going to make it. Get the guide that the entire Internet is using to blast through FarmVille at top speed! Go to to learn more!


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