Facebook Farmville Cheat Codes for Speed

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Farmville has over 60 million players in less than 6 months and that should tell you something! This game is very addictive. My Facebook news feed is filled with FarmVille tips and I’m sure yours is too. It’s not easy to find Farmville cheats on Facebook, but as more people get addicted to this game, more cheats and tricks are being found.

Here’s a very helpful cheat to speed up crops. You can plant, plow, and harvest without even moving your character. You will need a little Farmville cash saved up before you start this trick, so you might want to harvest all your crops the slow way first. To start off, clear a section of 9 plots in your farm forming a square. You’ll only want grass in this section. Now move your character into the middle of this section.

Now to go the market and buy the cheapest fences or hay bales. You need to place them around your character so it’s blocked in and can’t get out. If you’re using fences you will have to rotate them by clicking on the fence piece after placing it.

To make sure you’ve sealed your player in, try clicking outside the box and see if it’s able to move. If your player doesn’t go anywhere, you’ve got it! Now try planting, harvesting, or plowing and you’ll notice everything goes much faster because your player doesn’t have to walk to each plot. This is just one of my Farmville cheats. Go to http://www.squidoo.com/secretsoffarmville to learn some more!


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