Farmville Cheats – How to Get The Most Coins

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To get the most profitable farm in Farmville, you don’t necessarily need to plant the most expensive seed. The higher level you are, the more seeds you have to choose from, so it’s important to know which ones can give you the most money. You’ll also want to consider how long it takes the plant to grow because if you’re not going to be available to play Farmville all day, you won’t want to plant a fast growing crop. You should pick a crop that matches your schedule.

I highly recommend you plant a variety of crops in your farm. For example, plant some slow growing crops (takes 3 days to harvest) in a third of your farm. Then plant some faster growing crops (takes 2 days to harvest) in another third of your farm. And finally, plant some fast growing crops (1 day to harvest) crops in the remaining third of your farm. This way you will always have something to harvest. This leads to great experience and cash. Besides, planting an entire farm of the same crop can be boring and tedious, especially when harvesting.

Peas are currently the best crop to grow. They only take one day to grow and harvesting them gives you 176 Farmville coins. That means you could  be getting over 70,000 coins if you fill 20 by 20 farm with peas! It’s best to plan your crops so part of it is ready to harvest every couple hours. For example you could have 5 rows to harvest every 6 hours, that way always have something to do and harvesting isn’t such a chore. These are just some of my Farmville cheats. Go to to learn more!


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