Farmville Cheats – Fastest Way to Level Up Guaranteed

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The fastest way to level up in Farmville is by growing berries. By continuously growing and harvesting strawberries you will get 288 experience points every 4 hours assuming you have the 12 by 12 farm. Obviously this is very time consuming because you will have to maintain your farm every hour on the hour. Depending how fast you are it could take 15-30 minutes to harvest, plow and plant your entire farm.

If you’re just in it for getting a higher level and not worried about Farmville cash, you should cover your entire farm with crops. Trees and animals don’t give near as much of a reward for harvesting compared to crops. Raspberries do not give you any experience points for planting, but you do get experience from plowing.

Another Farmville cheat is to plow a section of your farm (or the entire farm if you have lots of cash) and plant soybeans. Once they’re planted, don’t wait for them to grow, just delete them immediately. Since you get experience for plowing the plots and planting the seeds, this is a quick way to get massive experience points. You can repeat this over and over if you have the cash.

Speaking of Farmville cash, if you have tons of it and don’t know what to spend it on, here is a Farmville tip to get some great experience points: Buildings can give you a lot of experience but costs lots of money. For example, you can buy a windmill for 100,000 coins but you get 1000 experience points for building it!

Finally, helping neighbors can provide some additional experience. For example, if you help 20 neighbors a day you could get 100 experience. Another bonus to helping your neighbors is getting achievements. Completing achievements gives you even more experience and cash! These are just some of my Farmville cheats. Go to to learn some more!


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