Top 10 Farmville Cheats and Tricks That Actually Work

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Over 60 million people play Farmville on Facebook every day and this number is growing all the time. Once you get everything unlocked, you will need a strategy guide to optimize your farm. You want to get the most experience points and the most Farmville coins from your farm, and planting the correct crops is essential.

1. First of all, you need to upgrade to the biggest farm as soon as possible. You need a big farm so you can really start seeing profits. A quick way to do this is fill your entire farm with crops. Don’t bother with decorations, animals, trees, or anything else until you get the biggest farm. Once you have a large farm you will have some room for animals and trees if you want them.

2. When you’re plowing, planting and harvesting your crops you will earn experience points and Farmville cash. The experience points help you reach higher levels in Farmville and the money lets you buy seeds, decorations and animals. Every different crop gives you a different amount of experience and cash, so it’s very important to pick the right crop.

3. It’s vital to know what seeds to plant and how to plant them to maximize the cash flow from your crops. You will need to choose the crop which gives you the most coins per hour. This is easily calculated as Farmville coins divided by harvest time.

4. Your neighbors will send you gifts such as trees and animals as long as you don’t forget to return the favor. Don’t be too concerned if you don’t have a lot of neighbors because you can get them easily. Just look on Farmville’s Facebook page, there’s always tons of players looking for neighbors. Optionally, you can search for some Farmville forums on the internet. There’s tons of players out there looking for neighbors!

5. The best animals to get as gifts are goats, horses, ducks and rabbits. When they’re ready to harvest you can get 50 Farmville coins each. The best trees are Banana and Pomegranate trees because they give you 100 Farmville coins each harvest. These are just some of my Farmville cheats and tips. Go to to learn the rest!


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