Farmville Cheats – Farmville Cash Secrets

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There are several ways to get tons of coins in Farmville. Growing crops is the most common method. Soybeans or raspberries have a fast grow time and high coin reward for harvesting, so those are good choices. Raspberries are the most popular because they only take two hours to grow, so they’re a natural choice if you want Farmville cash fast.

When starting your farm, start small with the least amount of work that you can get away with for the maximum amount of cash. Once you get into the groove of doing this you will start working smart, not hard. Don’t forget to reinvest your cash into crops with the highest yields, thus higher returns. Once you’ve unlocked peas, use them right away. They’re more rewarding than raspberries even if they take slightly longer to grow.

Another great tip is to plan ahead. Think in advance of when you will have a chance to play Farmville again. If you can’t play for 8 hours, don’t play a quick growing crop like raspberries or they will be dead by the time you get back. If you calculate it right, you can plant and then get ready to harvest at most efficient time of your day. Some crops take just a few hours to grow while others can take several days. The longer they take to grow the more reward you will for harvesting them. You have to careful because some of the crops that only take a few hours don’t give any Farmville XP.

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