Farmville Cheats – Level Up Faster

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The most important thing about leveling up fast in Farmville is getting more experience points. You can get experience points by plowing land and harvesting crops amongst other activities. For example, you gain one experience point for plowing one plot of land.

When you first start your farm you can get a bunch of levels right away just by plowing and harvesting. As you start reaching a higher level it takes a lot more experience points to level up. You will need to start getting serious.

Some other ways to get experience point in Farmville are building structures or decorations. For example, you could build a house or some fences. Building anything on your farm will give you points and this will help you level up faster. It’s important to note which buildings give the most points.

You can and should apply this train of thought towards growing crops too. You will want to select the most profitable crops. Some crops will take 2 or 3 days to grow, but they will give you 2 points. Some other crops only take a couple hours, but they only give you one or no points at all. Crops that only take one day to grow may only earn you one point, but crops like strawberries that take only 4 hours to grow, can be harvested up to 6 times per day. Longer grow time isn’t always better. It all depends on your gaming habits.

If you do not harvest your crops within a certain time frame this will die. To avoid this rule, you can get points by placing buildings on your farm. You should start saving Farmville cash so you can buy some buildings. With these Farmville cheats you should be able to level faster than all your friends. Now go to to learn some more!


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