Mafia Wars Cheats – Lots of Cheats and Tips For Facebook’s Mafia Wars

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What is Mafia Wars?

Mafia Wars is a multiplayer online game made by by Zynga. It has won the Webby award for People’s Voice Winner. Mafia Wars is available on Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, Yahoo! and as an iPhone application. As of October 2009, it had over 25 million players on Facebook alone!

Here are some Mafia Wars cheats to help you master Mafia Wars:

1. Some players and clans create multiple accounts to utilize the benefits of the three available character builds: Fearless, Maniac, and Mogul.

2. The players in your mafia family will determine how strong you are. This is based on their levels, attack, defense, and items. A powerful mafia family lets you destroy other families much more easily and helps defend against attacks from other families.

3. Most normal players will send invites to their Facebook friends to grow their mafia family, but the problem is even if your friends decide to join your family, they might just play for a few days and forget about this. Sure they will increase the size of your mafia, but you don’t want it filled with weak level players. Sending invites to your friends not a very productive way to grow your family. You want to invite the players who play Mafia Wars every day.

4. You should try and add about 10 players to your family every single day. Aim for adding players over level 200. One idea to get high level players is to become a fan of Mafia Wars on Facebook and write a review of the game. Usually their wall is a great place to find high level players looking for a family. Getting these high level players on your team will definitely give you a huge benefit during combat.

5. Master all the jobs. Not only will this get you to a high level, when you get gold stars on an entire job tier you will get a bonus item that can help with combat. When you level up, put 90% of your points towards energy. This will allow you to do more jobs per day, thus leveling faster. Don’t waste another minute. Check out today and what it can do to revolutionize your play style once and for all!


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