Farmville on Facebook – Tips and Tricks to Get More Neighbors

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The key to being successful in Farmville is having many neighbors. It can be difficult to get more neighbors beyond your friends on Facebook. Here are some tips and tricks to get more neighbors in Farmville.

In order to be successful and level up quickly you need to have as many neighbors as you can. Visiting your neighbor’s farm can earn you coins and experience points. The more neighbors you have the more you earn. When you visit their farm you can help them by shooing away pests or by fertilizing their farm. This is an easy way to earn coins and experience points and level up quickly. The more neighbors you have, the more you can earn.

Your Friends on Facebook

One of the most obvious ways to get more neighbors in Farmville is to add your friends in Facebook that are current players. You can also send invitations to your Facebook friends that are not currently playing Farmville. Many people do not like to do this because we do not want to burden or bother people, but you would be surprised how many of your Facebook friends will respond. Even if you only have 5 out of 50 respond and accept your invite then that is 5 more neighbors you did not have before. Also, you can let them know, through a note, that they do not even need to play the game they just need to add the Farmville application.

Farmville Forum

Another way to increase your neighbors in Farmville is to click on the support tab at the top of the Farmville window. The next window that appears will be a series of different games, click on Farmville. Once there all you need to do is go to the forums and enter the forum titled Finding Neighbors. Make a post stating you are looking for more neighbors and they will come. Just know that before you can add them as a neighbor you have to add them as a friend on Facebook first.

Hopefully this will help you get more neighbors in Farmville and enable you to level up quickly. For more helpful hints, tricks, and tips to Farmville click here.


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