Bangkok Thailand Temples and Sights

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There are many reasons to visit Bangkok. One of the best is the not to be missed temples. Some people go to Bangkok just for this reason alone. Most people in Bangkok practice Buddhism and some of the

 temples have meditation classes. One of the primary temples is called The Marble Wat. It is constructed of marble and has a chapel with monks chanting every morning. Another very famous temple is called the Wat Pho the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The Reclining Buddha is comprised of brick, gold leaf, plaster and mother of pearl. The Reclining Buddha is depicted as ecstatic as he is about to enter Nirvana. There is another temple called Wat Traimit which means the Golden Buddha. It has a ten foot gold statue of Buddha. Not all statues of Buddha are golden. The one at Wat Phra Kaew is emerald, hence the name Emerald Buddha. It is small but said to possess great powers.

The best places to stay in Bangkok include the Amari Watergate, which has an amazing fitness center. Also, there is the Grand Hyatt Erawan which is beautiful and modern in style. Other choices include the Swiss Lodge, Dusit Thani and Metropolitan. No list of the best places to stay would be complete without the Oriental. This hotel has a long history but is chiefly known for outstanding service.

Along with great lodging comes great food, and rice and noodles are what is usually consumed in Bangkok. By all accounts, the best eating to be done is in the open air marketplaces and the street stalls. These are so plentiful that some people never see the need for a formal style restaurant at all. Some of the best restaurants include Thong Lee, which specializes in rice and curries. There are a few good vegetarian restaurants too, such as Chanlong’s Asoke Cafe and Baan Suan Pai. It is customary for all of the dishes to be shared at the table and spoons and forks are used.
Once finished with a meal, consider stopping in at Jim Thompson’s house. Jim Thompson was an American who became enamored of Thai silk. He began producing and exporting it internationally in 1940. His house, itself an architectural wonder, is still frequented by tourists. Thai silk is

 sold in a silk shop in Thompson’s home.

Another thing that makes Bangkok special are the state of the art spa treatments. Among the best Bangkok spas is Devarana which has the feel of a Thai temple and is located in the Dusit Thani Hotel. The spas offer Thai massage which has its roots in Indian yoga. It was brought to Thailand originally by monks who were spiritual but also physical healers. Thai massage clears energy blocks.

There is so much entertainment awaiting in Bangkok from nightlife to marvelling at temples and spa treatments. Going to Bangkok is filled with wonder.

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