10 Beneficial Foods to Eat

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Low carb? High protein? People are confused. The following are 10 foods to add to your diet today:

1. Soup Apart from being very delicious, soups are also a very healthy food. The very best would be some variety of homemade soup without a cream base. According to The Pritikin Edge every meal should be preceded by either a bowl of soup or a large


2. Salad A very large salad full of greens and other vegetables should be eaten before each meal in order to curb the appetite. Eating an enormous entree salad is another option. The salad could have mixed greens as well as vegetables.

3. Fish In a new study cited in The Gene Smart Diet one serving of fish a day results in a thirty five percent reduction in fatal heart disease. That is a major health benefit to eating fish. There is some concern, however, as to what type of fish is best to consume. Contamination with mercury poisoning has become a problem. The Pritikin Edge reports that the following are the safest: mussels, oysters, canned salmon and fresh, farmed salmon.

4. Oatmeal Oatmeal is full of fiber and it is a whole grain. Many doctors recommend eating oatmeal as a way to lower cholesterol. Do not buy instant oatmeal unless very pressed for time in the mornings because it has sugar and salt. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan recommends buying quick oats and serving some fruit with it.

5. Beans The most delicious types of beans are soybeans, black, white, pinto and chickpeas. The good part about eating beans is that it is a way to cut back on animal based protein and increase intake of plant based protein.

6. Almonds Although nuts are high in fat, they are healthful nevertheless. Why? Because they block cholesterol naturally. They decrease risk of heart disease. For a fun and different project, try making almond butter.

7. Brown Rice Brown rice is preferable to white because it is less refined. Rice is so satisfying and can be cooked quickly. According to Strength for Life, brown rice is a complex carbohydrate with a slow release into your body to provide energy.

8. Dark Chocolate The Gene Smart Diet reports that dark chocolate contains polyphenols that have a beneficial effect on hypertension. Dark chocolate is often sixty to eighty percent cacao. Only dark chocolate is recommended, not milk chocolate or mid- dark chocolate because there will not  be enough cacao in it.

9. Berries Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries with all their beautiful colors and sweet tastes are very healthful and pleasing to eat.

10. Broccoli Some feel that broccoli is bitter and this can be improved by proper methods of preparation.

The above 10 foods to add to your diet today are healthful and delicious choices. Making those 10 foods to add to your diet today a habit will have long term health benefits.


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