How to play Second Life

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Learning everything you can about the game Second Life is important, however first you will need to think of a name that you would like to use, a list of last names will be given to you when you first sign up and that is the list you have to pick from. In order to sign up for an account you will need to go , In the sign up process you put in the first name you’ve chosen and then a last name from the list, next it will take you to pick an avatar out be it male or female depending on what you wish to play. Once you’ve chosen the character it will then take you to a download area and this is where the game is downloaded, they have versons for windows and linux so far.

Read terms of service for this online community, you don’t want to miss out on anything for these rules are very important to go by. So now you have your avatar and in world you will be at the new place where they have tutorials in learning how to walk, rez things, run and pick up things to changing the apperance on your avatar. Eventually you will have a good grasp on how to do all the basics, and then will be able to chat, explore and have fun doing so.

Now it is time to actually play and have fun, walk around and talk to people, you can walk by pushing the arrow keys up , down and to the side on either side to turn around and look at things. Pushing the alt key and holding down right mouse button you can move your curser around the screen and cam around at different things to see further out and closer in, don’t forget that while playing Second Life you be respectful to other players in world. Working in Second Life is also a big part of learning and playing, this way you can earn lindens which is in world money to buy things for your avatar.

Later on as you grow and learn more about second life you can be able to get into building and scripting which is a whole new world where you could build and script things for people and sell them, but the point to this game is have fun while doing it and meeting people along the way.


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