The New Taxes Are here!

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New taxes are popping up everywhere. The Democrats are in control, so their agenda is showing itself. And that agenda is higher taxes and higher spending. I said this during the election that the taxes are going to go up. And for everyone.

The president pledged that if you make less than a quarter of a million dollars a year your taxes won’t go up a dime. But this isn’t true. Because they a passing new taxes now, for everyone. And I’ll go over them in this article.

Smokers tax; congress just passed a new tax on smokers to pay for free health care for welfare families. Which means for us smokers that we have to pay about an extra seven dollars a carton for other people. For this plan to work, Hairy Reid said that they need twenty two (22) million new smokers for this plan to work. He then said that the rest of the needed money will come from social security leftovers. Just so you know, rich people aren’t the only ones who smoke, so ‘poor’ people are going to pay this tax, too.

Mileage tax; since people are starting to buy cars that don’t use gasoline, they avoid the gas tax. The gas tax adds about eighteen cents cost to each gallon. Since one out of ten thousand people stopped paying this, Obama and his Democratic allies are planning out a new mileage tax. The government would but a device in your car that would track how much you drive and then charge you. About eighty cents for every mile you travel. News flash, ‘poor’ people drive, too.

Capital gains tax; the capital gains tax is the tax you pay on your savings account. If you have a bank account that makes more than twenty five dollars a year you have to pay a tax on it. And the president just signed a tax increase on this tax. So if you were putting money into your account for your children’s college you’re going to start paying more taxes on it. By the way, ‘poor’ people have bank accounts, too.

Internet tax; another tax they are trying to pass is a tax on the internet. Just for accessing the web you are going to have to pay a tax on it. About thirty cents an hour that you have to file every year. This would also require a government device in your computer. More ‘poor’ people use the internet than rich people, who’s paying all the taxes now?

The president did indeed cut taxes for the middle-class. In fact, everyone who makes less than a quarter million a year is going to save seven dollars a week. Counting that extra seven dollars and then counting all the new taxes, people of all wealth will be making less than they were before. You’re going to pay a new tax for smoking, driving, studying on the internet, saving your money, buying gasoline, and passing tolls. That’s the change most of you voted for, thanks a bunch.


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