The Dying Stock Market

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For the last year the stock market has been in a constant nosedive. And the DOW Jones Industrial Average is now trading below seven thousand points, and seems likes it’s going to go even lower.

The stock market is dead. Right now it is just still twitching a little. Within six months the DOW will most likely be trading below three thousand. Most stocks will probably be labeled as penny-stocks. (When a stock is worth less than one dollar) AIG is only worth fifty cents a trade. If you put every financial institution’s stocks together, Wells Fargo, bank of America, Citi Group, and the rest, even if you added all of their stocks value together, it still wouldn’t be worth what Wal-Mart’s stock is worth.

I’ve been saying for years that people should buy a couple shares from Wal-Mart. And it seems that I was right all along. It still isn’t too late to invest. Even if you’re worried about your money, Wal-Mark is a pretty safe bet.

Every day at closing time the markets are down. Usually down two to three hundred points a day. So its future is sadly grim. A lot of far-left people think that the stock market is fine. And that the stimulus bill will make it resurface. But the more the Presidents talks about the economy, the worse the market does. People think sell, sell, and sell whenever he talks.

The people who invest, the same people who are controlling the amount of jobs on Wall Street are the ones who don’t trust Obama’s economic plans. So they don’t believe their money is safe while he is running things. If every investor, every economist, every advisor is against the economic policy than what does that tell you. The market is dead and buried.

The little life that is left in the stock market won’t last long. Every time the government has a big spending bill the market slows. People run the market, those little green numbers aren’t random, and they don’t trust these spending plans. And most likely never will. Watch out people, the stock market crash is coming.


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