Real Stimulus bill facts

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President Obama successfully passed his economic stimulus bill in congress and signed it into law shortly there after. And I myself was a supporter of this plan, at first. Originally this plan would use federal funding to build and upgrade roads, which I liked. And there was money in there for alternative energy sources, which I’ve always strongly supported. And money for updating and building new schools, which I loved.

But the more the debate raged the more pork was thrown into it. Like twenty million dollars going to a California golf course to protect field mice. That will somehow create long lasting jobs. Some of the things in there where totally outrageous. It was counted out to about nine thousand (9000) pork projects that won’t even create any jobs.

Not to mention that this cost us tax payers eight hundred billion dollars. This is money that the next two generations of Americans will be paying off. We barrowed this money from China and what we couldn’t barrow we printed. This is horrible. Our deficit has increased by one third in just two months of this new administration.

Yes, some of this money will create some jobs. But most of it is just a total waste, it’s only real purpose is to drive up our debt and make taxes go up on all of us. Not just the ones who make more than two hundred and fifty thousand a year. Because you would need money from every person in America to pay this debt. Every person would have to pay thousands of dollars to pay this off. The cure is worse than the disease.

I wrote an article on how I liked the stimulus bill, but that was before all of the pork was thrown into it. They even threw in a universal healthcare section without even any debate. They entire Democratic agenda was passed in a single bill. And they used the economy as a cover to push their new-new-deal on America.

And their idea of economic stimulus is giving away more welfare that America doesn’t need. We need jobs, not handouts. The only job the government wants us to have is standing in line at the welfare bank getting our food stamps. They are even talking about taxing people for mileage on their automobiles. Is that really economic stimulus?


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