Obama’s World Tour

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During president Obama’s first international trip he visited all the major players in the world; France, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia and so on. But I would hardly call it a successful trip, though. Our new president managed to trash talk our religious beliefs, our past behavior, our “selfishness”, our disregards for the environment, and he kneeled to a foreign ruler all in one vacation.

He got nothing done whatsoever. Maybe he forgot what side he’s supposed to be on because it was nothing but an international anti-American concert. They even gave away free iPods, too. He should be impeached before he talks the world into attacking us. As proof of his unfavorable behavior, he came home to a nationwide protest to his policies. The April 15th TEA Parties. Hope he enjoyed the welcome-home party, though he didn’t care to show up at any of them. He would have read the banners but the king of Saudi Arabia told him he would ground him if he did so.

Every speech he gave during the trip was insulting to us. His so-called people. We’ve said all along what side he was on, but he was still elected. Let’s see if he’s elected again in a few years. I was actually hoping that since he liked Europe so much they would want to keep him because we certainly don’t want him here anymore. Next time you want to go discredit your citizens don’t bother coming back at all. See if you can make it more than a few months there.

If there is anyone out there who would still cast their ballot for this guy than you can go enjoy being Europeans, too. Because we don’t need you either. Maybe next time president Obama will think twice about going on an anti-American trip overseas. Or this time he’ll just put the old turban back on and take Jeremiah Wright with him, they seem to say the same things about us anyway. How’s that for “remissive” MR. President?


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