Is there A quick fix for the economy?

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Coming up with a quick fix for our economy is a lot harder than most people think. Everyone has their own nickel-and-dime idea on the economy but a lot of those people also don’t understand enough about American economics to know what works and what makes it work.

So a quick fix may not be in sight.

And me…well I’ve been studying our economy since I learned to read, along with political history. So when I write an economic theory it’s always backed by facts and educated studies.

Our main problem is job loss. And there is in fact a quick fix for that too…Illegal immigration. There are twelve million ‘undocumented’ workers in the United States right now, which we know of. So, if we enforce the laws we write then we could open up ten to twelve million jobs within a year or two.

Also, energy. If we stop buying foreign oil and start making our own energy and drilling our own oil then we’d create million of jobs right here at home. High-paying jobs that are also good for the environment. And the American government would save seven hundred billion a year that we are currently spending on oil. (That money mostly comes out of social security, our defense budget, and keeps taxes high for us working Americans)

A year or two is actually a quick fix when it comes to economics on this scale. But there really is no quick fix. You can’t just say something and have it done. You need to make sure it’s constitutional, write hundreds to thousands of pages of a plan, have the senate vote for it, (hope there’s no debate or editing) and then wait for it to come into effect. After making sure the plan doesn’t screw everything up even more, if it’s possible.


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