Is our media one-sided?

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There’s no sugarcoating it…our media is very one-sided. MSNBC is the worst of them all. They openly endorsed Barack Obama during the democratic primaries. And you call that real news? They’re basically campaign workers for the Democratic Party.

Fox News is the only news that I trust. I think they’re also one-sided. (The Republicans) so I’d have to say that I really don’t know any news station

that’s trustworthy. I think the only reason Obama won the election is because of the media. MSNBC was airing Obama ads for free for months. It saved his campaign millions during the election.

If it was fair game, no politically lead media, no voter fraud, McCain would have been winning in the polls by 8% or more. Independent studies show that most people are more comfortable with the idea of McCain as our president. Yet the media polls showed otherwise. But you can make a computer screen say anything.

A few years ago one of the news corporations got caught only polling registered democrats on the topic of the war in Iraq. Yeah you got caught. If people would look into the new polls then they would see the truth. People throw politics into new too much.

So what can we do to get real news? It seems almost everywhere is too political. Like I said before, Fox News is the only place I really trust. And just like the others…it too can be one-sided. I just wish I could watch the news and know what’s going on in the world, just like it used to be. I almost couldn’t wait until the election was over so I could watch just news.


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