Reinventing Yourself

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As we kick off this New Year I would ask you to think about reinventing yourself beginning right now! How do you reinvent yourself? You begin today to take a good look within at your true self; The, “you” that even you may have forgotten all about!

 While pursuing your fitness, professional and personal goals you will discover many things about yourself and you will unearth many of your so called, “short comings.” Instead of focusing on those qualities you may not like about yourself, I am suggesting that you reinvent you! Go within and look for the many gifts you possess…gifts you may have long since forgotten about or you may have even down played those gifts because they made you unique. Perhaps feeling unique made you uncomfortable or caused you to be ridiculed and laughed at or teased by others.

 Well, guess what… today is your day to shine! Today as you begin to communicate with people in your family, community or even in your professional life I would like you to be who you truly desire to be! Have you always wished you were a better communicator? Today you are instantly a better communicator because you are making a new decision about your communication skills! Today you are an excellent communicator and people really understand what you are speaking and sharing with them.

 As you are connecting with others, imagine that you have the gift of gab! You know exactly what to say and when to say it. You are so eloquent and articulate, you have a style of communicating that causes people to sit up and take notice. People pay attention to you as never before, in a nutshell, when you speak, people listen!

 Have you been shy in the past? No more are you shy. Today is your day to step way out of your comfort zone and be heard! This is your life and you believe in yourself and you know you have something special to offer others. You are the leader people have been dreaming of meeting, the one person who can and will show them a better way of life, a life worth living. Suddenly you are no longer shy, you’re a powerful, magnetic and charismatic person that gains attention and followers wherever you go!

 This is your moment in history and your time to be whatever and whomever you choose!

 Reinventing yourself is easy, it’s fun and best of all…it can be profitable! When you decide to be the, “you” that you have always desired to be, you automatically become more appealing to others. For one thing, you’re authentic and believable. Stepping into your personal power is quite possibly the one outstanding gift you can do for yourself and to yourself for immediate success!

 Reinventing yourself sounds easy because it is easy; It’s a conscious choice, a decision only you can make. Playing small will not serve you in this world. Why not decide to let go of the insecurities and old, outdated, “not good enough” recordings going on in your head? Today is your day to feel good, and to shine your light with that newfound healthy self-esteem!

 Becoming healthier and making a new commitment to live life to the fullest is an opportunity for you to take on the leadership role, to be an example of what is possible when a new choice or choices are made. You get to be someone that others desire to align with in business and in life. This is a great time for you to shed the old you and step into the new, improved you… The real you!

 Relax, have fun and reinvent yourself for success!


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