The Strangest Tortoises in the World

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This article takes a look at some of the strangest tortoises in the world!  If you are interested in tortoises you may find this a really interesting, fun and informative article or if you are just interested in weird or wonderful things!

1)  This tortoise is a small mutant tortoise  small mutant tortoiseImage from

2)  This picture is of Tina a tortoise from Longleat Safari Park, England who has a wheel to help her move around.  Image from

3) This image is of one of the giant Galapagos tortoises and shows how massive they are!

Image from

4)This tortoise is a red footed one

Image from

5) This image is slightly different from the others  but I could not resist adding it in!  It is really clever in my opinion but I am not quite sure of the species name 🙂

Image from

6) A two headed tortoise

Image from

7) This picture is of a tortoise who was caught speeding on the M25 in England

Image from

8)  This picture is of Lonesome George from the Galapagos Islands  Image From

This article shows just some of the weird and strange tortoises out there and I am sure you have found it interesting and there would be many more pictures and stories of weird tortoises whether two headed, giants, speeding, tiny or photoshopped!

All the pictures are from other websites and the links are included on the “image from” part.  I presume it is okay to copy these pictures if I have links to them but if you are the owner of one of the pictures and want it removed just ask!

I hope you enjoyed looking at some strange tortoises!


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