Search engine optimization (SEO) tips

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I have studied search engine optimization in depth and I have found that the most important part of SEO is considering your audience. You can work very hard to improve your search engine ranking but to draw in the most business you have got to understand your audience/customers because after all they are the reason you created the site in the first place. Therefore taking your audience into consideration and creating your websites content based on that audience should be your first step.

Although you are writing specifically to your customers you should also include powerful keywords and phrases in your content for the benefit of search engines. To understand what keywords and phrases are going to be the most important to use consider some of the tools google has available just for this purpose. The most widely used keyword tools available through google are the google adwords keyword tool, and the google search based keyword tool.

The google adwords keyword tool shows the most popular words and phrases that are relevant to the word or phrase you type in. This tool also shows the approximate number of searches conducted in google for each word or phrase.

The google search-based keyword tool shows you the search volume and a suggested advertising bid price if you were to buy these words through Google’s adwords program. Although you may not wish to buy keywords or use google adwords both of these tools still come in very handy. They allow you to discover what words and phrases are most popular for a topic in google. This is beneficial because you want to add words and phrases to your site that people are searching for.

Once you have an idea of what keywords to use it is time to use them. If possible I suggest using the most powerful keywords in your title tags and the web pages headlines. Then you should repeat them throughout your content. All through school we were taught not to use repetition when we write but in this case SOME repetition is a good thing. You want your websites content to make sense and you want to appear professional to your audience so you don’t want to overdo it, but you do want to repeat your keywords often enough that search engines are able to easily recognize what your website is about.

In addition to using keywords in your title tags, headlines, and content you should also try to use keywords in your pages URL whenever possible. A good example of this would be to use a broad keyword in your domain that relates to the overall theme of your site and then use specific keywords in individual file paths and directories that relate to the individual web pages.

Back links are another important part to Search engine optimization, put simply the more relevant sites and web pages that link to your site the better. Although google and other search engines will not disclose the exact algorithm they use to determine the value of each site, it is common knowledge that search engines highly value back links.

One important thing to note about back links is that most of them should be relevant to your website or a specific page of your site. For example let’s say the theme of your site is about computers and you have a site linked to yours that is about computer games or computer software, this type of back link will be more beneficial than a link from a website that is about car parts or clothing. So as you browse sites and gain back links try to ensure that the links you are getting are relevant. Most often the best way to gain relevant back links is to exchange links, give a link to get a link.

Another great way to gain exposure and get back links is through social book marking and forums. Sites like dig, delicious, Myspace, and Face book to name a few are all good sites to showcase your website on, that is if you actively participate on them. Forums pretty much work the same way you can browse through forums that relate to theme of your site and when you leave valuable feedback you can post a link to your site in that feedback. Just make sure you use social book marking sites and forums responsibly, DON’T SPAM THEM.

A few other SEO tips to consider include:

-Do not duplicate content under different URL’s within your site. Search engines hate this and will not take you seriously if you do this.

-Do not delete or change a web page’s URL without providing a 301 redirect.

– And finally be proactive, search engine optimization is an ongoing concept. You will need to continuously work to maintain and improve your place in the SERPS.


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