Victory For Homeschoolers in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Votes Not to Strictly Regulate Homeschooling

After a legislative study committee recommended not to make any changes to New Hampshire’s homeschool law for the second year in a row, this week the New Hampshire House of Representatives still decided to vote on whether or not to strictly regulate homeschooling through House Bill 368 (H.B. 368). Many homeschool parents believed the new requirements would go beyond those mandated by law, so opposition mounted against H.B. 368. Yesterday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives rejected the new homeschool proposal by a vote of 324-34 against it.

H.B. 368’s _ Moving Authority to Dept. of Education

As reported in New Hampshire House of Representatives Votes on Regulating Homeschooling, H.B. 368 would have required every homeschooled student in the state to be tested and reviewed every year and test scores to be sent annually to the New Hampshire Department of Education. More authority over homeschooling parents and students would have been transferred to the Department of Education.

Home School Legal Defense Association

According to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Mike Donnelly, staff attorney for HSLDA, said “Winning by such a significant margin is welcome relief for New Hampshire homeschool families.”

Emma Rouse and Judith Day – Democrats for Stricter Homeschool Regulation

Education Chair Emma Rouse (D) and Representative Judith Day (D) brought a vote to the floor of the house after the study committee had already rejected the proposed new homeschool regulations by a vote of 14-6.

Other Democrats Supported Homeschoolers

However, Democrats joined with Republicans to support homeschoolers when H.B. 368 was voted down. The HSLDA points to the efforts of thousands of homeschool families from across New Hampshire who participated in rallies, called their legislators, wrote letters, and showed their opposition to the new regulations in other ways.

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