10 Things To Be a Successful Blogger

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Blogging is a new phenomena in the internet world. Many people are try develop their own blog. Some of them are develop a blog only for personal. It is talk more about the personal life. Some of them are develop a niche blog. For sure purposely for making money from the blog.

To start blogging is simple. You may choose free blog platform such as blogger, typad, wordpress and other free blog platform. But to maintain the blog is not easy. It take a many aspect to take a look. Here the simple way to be a good blogger for a long time.

1) Develop your blog with the simple presentation. Presentation is include the color background, font color, light plugin, image allocation and so on. Choose the right theme of your blog. The combination of backgroung and font color must be impress to visitor read your article.

2) Do not allocated many image advertisement to the blog. It may slow down your blog loading by the visitors. Visitor is really like logging in to the easy ang light blog while loading up. Most of them are frustrated if the blog is hard to log in and take time while loading.

3) Write a unique article for every post you make. Do not copy an article from anywhere over internet. If you have any other article need to share with your visitor, type with your own words and present them with more attractive.

4) Update your blog always. The best advice is updating your blog entry everyday. If you have a visitor who be a silent reader, they will come frequently to your blog again and again. They need something news from your blog. So do not miss to update your blog always.

5) Please reply every comment that you received for each entry you have made. Try to appreciate your commentor. Visitor will appreciate to you while their comment is reply.

6) Do not forget to create one page about you. Represent the detail about your self. Some people are interested to know more about you. Tell to them everthing about you.

7) To be honest while writing for every entry you have made. Visitor or people can guess how honest you are in writing. Be honest and responsible for every entry you have wrote.

8) Try your best to write latest issue of the world. Latest and hot issue will drive people log in to your blog. Make it more unique on the title to attract visitor log in to your blog.

9) Submit your entries to social bookmark such as twitter, digg, stumble, Reddit and also face book. Let people know that something news or interesting in your blog everyday.

10) Do a backlink for your blog. It will help you to get a better PR on Google. Put you comment to the others blog and drive them to visit your blog back. With more backlink, you will get high potencial to get a better PR on Google.

Here the 10 thing you need to do to be a Successfull Blogger. it would not take a short time to achive. Please be patient and keep updating your blog always. You will get the target after you do all the tips above. Keep your effort and good luck.

Article is written by : Chuckiesd


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