How to House Train the Puppy

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Many new puppy owners are intimidated by house training the puppy. Be reassured that house training the puppy can be a routine matter as long as it is approached with consistency, understanding and patience.  Puppies want to please but they are babies and need some time to develop physically and become accustomed to routines.

First, purchase a crate that is the right size for your puppy. The crate could be established in the kitchen or the bedroom. The crate could be papered with training pads in one corner only just in case. An animal’s natural instinct is to keep their den area clean.

In the morning, take him out of the crate, put on his leash and take him outside to a predetermined spot. At first, it should always be the same spot and the same words should be used. One example is, “go potty.” Have patience and wait until he goes. Praise him at the same time he is doing it so that he can make the connection between what he is doing and the praise. The owner is responsible to clean up the mess. This is best accomplished by purchasing a scoop and sanitary plastic mitts from the pet store.

After the cleaning up is finished, the puppy may be put in the crate to rest or stay out to play a bit. Puppies do get tired and sleep often. Puppies must be taken outside at least once an hour in order to minimize accidents and accelerate the learning process. The crate must not be overused. With understanding, consistency and patience the puppy will have fewer accidents and will ultimately be house trained.


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