How to Recognize Those With Schizophrenia

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There are many signs that people display concerning the state of their mental health. Those that suffer from a mental illness show signs that seem out of place to people who have a more stable mentality. Listed below are some of the symptoms of schizophrenia which is often misdiagnosed because it share the same symptoms with other mental illness. If you notice these symptoms in family members or friends try your best to get them professional help. They may not be sufferers of schizophrenia, but some other form of mental instability and getting help is of great  importance.

Signs of Schizophrenia:

1. Paranoia, which is the delusional belief that somebody or some entity is out to get you.

2. Hallucinations, which are seeing people or things and/or hearing voices that only exists in the person’s mind.

3. Incoherent speech, which is the lack orderly continuity in talking. This could be due to the jumbling of conversations both in reality and in the person’s mind.

4. Gradual or sudden neglect of personal hygiene.

5. Bipolar (manic-depressant) symptoms, that is showing signs of being on a emotional rollercoaster where there are times of a lack of emotions are displayed, to emotions that are inappropriate for the situation, outbursts of anger, and catatonic behaviour.

6. Trouble functioning at work and school.

7. Clunsy or uncoordinated movement.

These are some of the more  common signs of schizophrenia. Since there are degrees in severity of the suffering from schizophrenia, there also degrees in the severity of these signs are prevalent. As it was stated above, the symptoms of schizophrenia is shared with mental illnesses. Plus some of the symptoms are disorders in and of themselves such as bipolar disorder and paranoia. Many of these symptoms are also shared with people who are constantly abusing drugs, which is why many times schizophrenics are preceived as being under the influence of alcohol or some illegal drug use. If you know somebody who is suffering from any of the symptoms above, please try to get them in to see a professional (doctor) who can be of greatest assistance to them.

Whereas schizophrenics are no more a danger to society than any other group of people, that is they are no more likely to commit a violent crime than any other person, there is higher number of suicides committed by schizophrenics.


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