Free Stuff for Moms on the Internet

Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + I clicked on the category Household Zone. They had a free download called The Baby CD which provides information on pregnancy. Right on the home page it reads Get a Free Mom Bumper Sticker. Also, they offer free stickers for the kids. There is also a free Healthy Habits Activity Booklet for kids. They also offer a free baby calendar. They offer a coupon to get a free movie rental at Hollywood Video. Also, they have a coupon for free Starbucks Coffee. Under the Kids category, they offer free homework help, which is help with homework on any subject. When you click on Freebies for Kids there are free samples of pull-ups, infant formula and pampers. There are also free baby food coupons, a free coloring book and a free potty training kit. I clicked on Free Stuff for Kids. They have free sippy cups from Juicy Juice. I clicked on Baby Samples for Children. Here I got a free BeechNut Starter Kit. This site has a section called Free Samples. It also has every type of coupon imaginable. They have printable grocery store coupons. I clicked on Free Stuff. Here they have a free offer for the baby’s first circus at Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey. Every child under twelve months can get a free circus ticket. This site has free samples for babies and kids. You can receive a free American Baby Magazine. This site has both parenting and kids magazines for free. There was a coloring book called Toby the Train. There was also a free Sesame Street Magazine. Here you can get a free Dove Shampoo sample. They have free magazines and free Huggies diaper samples.
Never before have I gone in search of free stuff for moms on the internet. However, I have to admit it was kind of fun. While getting free stuff for moms on the internet, the main thing to remember is not to give out personal information such as credit cards. Free should mean exactly that. Also, since these items are free they may be stocked in only limited quantities. Good luck with the freebies!


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