How to Get Pregnant

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1. Step One: Preparation During the preparation phase it is best to make modifications or lifestyle changes. According to Fertility for Dummies, it is advisable to give up smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, caffeine, hot tubs and douching. Be certain that you are getting adequate fluids in the form of eight to ten twelve ounce glasses of water daily. Also get enough sleep at night. You are preparing the body. Ensure that you have appropriate health insurance at this point.

2. Step Two: Improve Nutrition Take a serious look at your diet. The optimal diet should be as follows:
55% complex carbohydrates
30% healthy fat
15% protein
Good food choices include beans, fruit, brown rice, salmon, olive oil, avocado, chicken, nuts, seeds, steamed vegetables. Organic food in general is preferable. This is the time to begin taking a multivitamin if you do not already do so.

3. Step Three: Reduce Stress Daily life can be full of stressors and this has a negative effect upon fertility. It is desireable to practice relaxation techniques. According to 6 Steps to Increased Fertility, some relaxation can come from journaling, yoga and mindfulness. Gentle activity such as walking, swimming and yoga are fine but this is not the time to exercise to exhaustion.

4. Step Four: Know Your Menstrual Cycle Is it 28 days? Or more? Determine the length.

5. Step Five: Understand the Most Fertile Days By counting the first day of the menstrual period as day one, women are generally fertile days ten through seventeen of the menstrual cycle. The most fertile days are usually days thirteen, fourteen and fifteen of the cycle, although this is not set in stone. Each woman’s body is different. These are the best days for intercourse to get pregnant.

6. Step Six: Use Ovulation Predictor Kits If you wish you could also use ovulation predictor kits that are sold in the drug stores. By following the instructions in the kit it will also help determine the most optimally fertile days for your cycle.

If you use the above methods you will be prepared and will not wonder about how to get pregnant. Timing is important. Knowledge of the menstrual cycle length and use of commercially available ovulation predictor kits help greatly in determining how to get pregnant.


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