Tips on How to Be Safe While Wearing Costumes for Halloween

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Through the passing of years, the continued interest or even love for costumes for Halloween never seemed to have waned even with the advent of the recession. Nothing can stop us from making costumes for our kids from whatever materials we may have. One doesn’t have to be super elegant in costumes for Halloween just to be a part of the merry making.  

You can even come as super dirty, full of grime and stuff yourself full of wrappers, empty plastic bottles, and discarded cell phones and tote a plastic bag full of more garbage then give your self the title “Human Landfill”. Costumes for Halloween doesn’t require you to cut down on your budget just to come up with one; all you need is a creative mind.  Another no cost idea is to cut off the bottom part of a milk jug, punch holes for the eyes and nose and draw the mouth with a bit of hole. Put in on a youngster’s head whose head size will fit in then give his costume the title “jug head”.

However as ideas come and go, the matter of safety is something we should not overlook. After all, we’re out to have some fun on Halloween’s Eve wearing our appropriate costumes for Halloween. We should not throw caution to the wind and be reckless.

Here are some costumes for Halloween safety tips you should keep in mind so your spooky celebrations won’t end up a disaster:

Safety Tips while Wearing Costumes for Halloween:

1. Make sure you’re not wearing a fire hazard material and turn yourself into a “human torch”  Keep in mind that Halloween festivities make use of candles so make sure that your costume for Halloween material is flame retardant.    

2. If you’re wearing long flowing wigs, trailing gowns and into the act of swishing your Count Dracula capes, make sure you stay away from lighted candles or torches.

3. As much as possible, make your kid’s costume for Halloween in bright colors which can be easily seen by oncoming cars and vehicles. You’ll never know what may come up during these times of revelry and wearing too dark clothes while crossing the street may catch some tipsy driver off-guard.   

4. If your child insists on a costume for Halloween that’s not too bright or colorful, add some safety measures like a reflector strip, glow stick or flashlight in his costume.

5. Your child should be responsible enough if you’ll allow him to carry accessories like swords, sabers or scythes without adult supervision. Even if they’re made from plastic, kids who brandish them indiscriminately are liable to hurt other children.

6. High-heels may be sexy while wearing a seductive costume for Halloween but consider the blisters and strain it will cause you and your feet. In just a few kilometer distances, there will be nothing sexy anymore with the way you walk because your feet will hurt like anything.    

7. Mask wearing should also consider holes or openings that will allow not only the frontal views but also the peripheral or side view as well.   

8. If your child is going out with a group, remember the unique marks in his costume for Halloween and that of his companions’ so you can easily spot them among other groups.

Aside from the costume for Halloween safety tips, you might want to remind your children to stay on the safe side of the road if they insist on not being chaperoned while trick or treating. If you can’t seem to keep still at home because you’re constantly worried about the younger ones, follow them around but stay at a safe distance so you won’t be accused off being a killjoy

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